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Rumor Report from Rob "Obi Bamm Karaoke" Ervin

Hello, Jedi-kateers! I know it's been a while since I got y'all stuff, but that's because there hasn't been a whole heck of a lot out there, but I got two things for you today as far as "Episode II: The Queen Bride" is concerned:

1- It was reported last week that Kenny Baker was toast from the rest of the production, as they were going to a CGI R2-D2. Well, that apparently is not so now, as he is back on. According to George Lucas himself, "We've always had Kenny scheduled for a number of shots during the final week of shooting at Elstree Studios". It's good to know that a member of the "Star Wars" Hall of Fame is still on board.

2- According to a source on the web, as reported on Dark Horizons (credit for both items), the shot of Obi-Wan in the fetal position on "Episode II Select" is supposedly within the first fifteen minutes of the film, after he meets with Palpatine and discovers that he IS Sidious, playing both sides of the fence. Guess what happens then?

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