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We have taken a big step and combined "Forces" with Dallas Fan Force.We saw this as a great opportunity to reach an ever bigger fan base than before.The Dallas Fan Force community has embraced us with open arms and we are now working together to bring our own unique dynamic to the Dallas Fan Force.We would like to thank everyone involved that has helped to make Star Wars Society of Dallas what it is today.I invite all of you to follow us over to Dallas Fan Force and help us create one of the largest,close knit and enjoyable Star Wars fan groups in existence.As always,we will do our best to stay on top of all things involved with the ever evolving fabric of the Star Wars universe.


Anrev 25

Asher Lev 99

Band Nerd Westlake High

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Birgitte SC

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Boba Stress/Kstress

Charlie Wagons


Corellian Fighter Jock

Dark 01/Larry Ramirez (Founder SWSSA)

Danny Unicycle

Dark Daria

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Dark Jedi of the Future

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Darksaber 212

Darth Anakin Skywalker

Darth Cynth

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Darth GT

Darth Honey

Darth Shag

Darth Storm (Mrs. Darth Rain)/Lisa ELE 00

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Denwi Jun

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Lars Kenobi

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Leia 3000

Lord Mauls Temple Guardian

Luscious Luna 121

Madison Mothma/Happy 7469

Mai Fighter

Mandalorian 78

Mara Jade 82

Martinique 19

Master Archangel

Maul Gal 33


MegRa Jade/(Lil' Miss Darth Rain)

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Movies Addict

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Starlight 1030

SW Jedi Guy

SW Musical

Taiga Storm

Teel Krex

Terr Zentar/Don Lockwood 52

Toady Girl

Wile Kit

Wraith 5

Yoda 007 US 1999

Yoda 69

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Rumor Report from Rob "Obi Bamm Karaoke" Ervin

Not much to go on today, but I've got a little "Episode II: Gleaming The Clone" morsel for you.

According to Corona's Coming Attractions (do a search on Yahoo!... the address is too long and makes no sense), Natalie Portman's Queen Amidala may NOT be the Queen anymore in this film. From what I'm reading, the sets she's involved with are far from regal. One of said sets is believed to be the home of Owen And Beru (yes, the sand igloo). Just something for you kids to chew on....

Hey, waiter, bring me more of that blue milky stuff from the bar....


Look for us at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano October 28 & 29.

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